Family Business with a Tradition

INOVA Consulting is a successor of a long-lasting Semolic’s family business. The family business began at a time, when horses were the main mode of transport for people and goods. The serial production of different classes of whips for carriages, freight wagons and horse riders started in the late 18th century. The name »Echte Triesters« (engl.: »Trieste Original«) was introduced later as the registered trade mark for the quality products, which were sold in the regions of Austro-Hungarian empire and outside of it. The production continued after the WW I and WW II. The red line to all Semolic’s businesses in these years is dedication to products and services for the needs of the transportation market. Automobiles appeared in 1884 and slowly began to replace the horse based transportation. The development of cars and the automotive industry brought new products and technologies that now represent the areas of our present family business interest.

New products and services were introduced and new markets were entered in the eighties of the previous century. System engineering, information systems design, innovation and project management have become the main focus of our business interest.

Nowadays INOVA Consulting continues the tradition as a family business. It is the heart of the international value chain network of experts and companies from different parts of the world who are developing and providing innovative, premium class products and services for the customers with high demands from different industries at home and abroad.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and provide a world class services for profit and non-profit organizations in the processes of their organization development.

Our Vision

To be a leading regional and globally recognized knowledge and service provider on the areas of our business interest

Our Values

Attitude, competences, innovativeness, stakeholders’ value, openness and trust

Focus of Our Business Activities

The focal points of our business interest and expertise are:

  • Programme and project management,
  • Technology and innovation management,
  • Organization, information and ICT systems,
  • Life-long learning services